1. veires:

    St. Jerome Tempted by Dancing Girls by Gebroeders van Limburg (Herman, Paul, and Johan) “Limbourg brothers” (c. 1408)

    …”tempted” by two fully-clothed women who are just hanging out looking bored.  XD

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  2. savage-america:

    People worshipping the Beast and his statue. A. of Bremen, Expositio in Apocalypsim, 1250.Cambridge DL, MS Mm.5.31.

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  3. art-of-swords:

    Ceremonial Dagger

    • Dated: mid-19th Century
    • Culture: Italian

    The dagger has a straight, double-edged blade, ribbed at the tip and with three deep grooves. The tang is slightly thickened, and almost the entire surface is engraved with floral motifs. It features a brass hilt picturing a skeleton wearing a tunic, while the guard features is a snake in-the-round. Comes together with a velvet-covered wooden sheath with brass mounts decorated with bas-relieved leaf patterns.

    Source: Copyright © 2014 Live Auctioneers

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  5. animus-inviolabilis:

    Jerusalem, Plate 28 Proof Impression
    Verso: Jerusalem, Plate 35 Proof Impression

    William Blake

    c. 1820

  6. fletchingarrows:


    Utagawa Hiroshige

    New Years Eve Foxfires at the Changing Tree, Oji

    creatures of night

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    Female Mandrake

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  10. Neoclassical problems


    We’re all familiar with the sexy-armor problem, right?  You play a game or watch a show or flip through some art, and if there’s a lady in armor, it’s like the least useful suit of protective gear ever conceived of.

    (NSFW under the cut)

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