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    plants and creatures from zakariya al-qazwini’s cosmography “marvels of creatures and the strange things existing”.

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    Crowned Hermaphrodite (Androgyne or Rebis) (c. 1400). Free Library of Philadelphia

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    Details from Dante’s Divine Comedy
    Inferno and Purgatorio (ff. 1-128), and all historiated initials illuminated by Priamo della Quercia between 1442 and 1450 (previously attributed to Lorenzo Vecchietta, see Pope-Hennessy 1947); Paradiso (ff. 129-190v) illuminated by Giovanni di Paolo c. 1450.


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    Stephen Robert Koekkoek

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    Bosch, Hieronymus - Meditierender Hl. Johannes der Täufer by ros_with_a_prince on Flickr.

    Bosch, Hieronymus - Meditierender Hl. Johannes der Täufer

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    Robert Fludd, Mosaicall Philosophy, 1659

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